King Harbor Seafood Restaurant Reviews

One of the better truly Cantonese places in OC, you’ll want to make sure you order their outstanding pineapple fish and garlic eggplant; if you order the excellent house lobster ($10 or so per pound, averages 4 pounds), spend the extra $3 and get the yee mein noodles.”



"King Harbor is the BEST place around here for Chinese food.  It really is a must go place when you crave delicious Chinese Food…. The lobster was served on a plate with Yee noodles.  These noodles were the perfect complement to the lobster.  It had a dense texture, which I found to be the right taste with the savory lobster.  The lobster was full of meat and was cooked up perfectly.”

- Eddie C. - Yelp Elite - 6/29/11



King Harbor’s pineapple chicken, though, is large, deep-fried nuggets of flaky tilapia tossed with fresh pineapple and a sauce made from thickened pineapple juice. A few carrots lend an oh-no-what-have-I-done Western quality to the dish, but they’re easy to ignore. The fish is perfectly, perfectly cooked — flaky and, most importantly, still moist — but ripping hot. ”

- Das Ubergeek - Chowhound - 8/20/07


What makes King Harbor special is their customer service and cleanliness. Servers are a little more attentive that what you expect at Chinese restaurants. They check on you a couple of times throughout your meal to fill up your water and clear your plates. They even box up your leftovers! 

Their house specials are delicious. House special shrimp and fish are my personal favorite. I absolutely love their crab meat soup with fish maw. So good! I get it EVERY time.”

- Pillin L. - Yelp Elite - 1/12/11


If you’re looking for a great seafood style meal, come on by to King Harbor Seafood. This restaurant is quite large in size and is perfect for hosting parties or wedding receptions. There is a large main dining area with a stage and there is also a secluded back room that can be reserved for smaller, private parties. The food is always to die for…”

- Yahoo! Contributer - 1/2/08


"… we ordered Chinese broccoli, steamed whole flounder, pan fried noodles with assorted meats and veggies, sea cucumber, and crab with a ginger scallion sauce.  All in all, this was a great place to grab a meal.  All of the dishes were great, but in particular, I found the pan fried noodles and crab to be superb.”

- Michael C. - Yelp Elite - 12/25/08


"This is THE PLACE to go to for FRESH LIVE Chinese Style Lobster…be sure to get their House Special Lobster

- Ladyboss L. - Yelp Enthusiast - 4/14/2009


"What a great decision it was to give the place a try. First off, there is just plenty of parking as the restaurant adjoins a shopping center. When you first go into the restaurant you are struck by the high and wide windows which lets the sunlight just flow into the place. Everything looks so bright and clean.

On top of that, I was immediately greeted with a smile and shown to a quiet table off to the side (but on the window) so I could read my book. I ordered a bowl of won ton soup (okay, “dumpling soup” to those who don’t know won ton!), and it was just excellent. I had a great lunch and would recommend this spot to anyone.”

- Fatbird1 - Tripadvisor - 6/24/2011


"… seeing the House Special Lobster pic on the window…….drew me in. I actually chose to get the Dungeness Crab with pasta…….YUMMO. I could tell it was made to order and fresh. Loaded with garlic, green onions and almost to much black pepper. I will definitely go back with friends. The menu is extensive almost a bit overwhelming. Seeing the other tables food….everything look fantastic.

- Contessa B. - Yelp Enthusiast - 3/28/2011